Trump Campaign Is Trying To Blame Hillary Clinton for Donald’s Meltdown

So, that big Donald Trump meltdown that’s been boggling the minds of the political world for some 48 hours is all Hillary Clinton’s fault. No, really. Hillary Clinton is all powerful and she can make Trump dance like a fool on command.

Ali Vitali, covering Trump for NBC News, shared Manafort’s claim that Donald Trump is in control of his campaign — a claim he immediately sabotaged by blaming Hillary Clinton for Trump’s actions, “Manafort: “the candidate is in control of his campaign…I’m in control of doing the things he wants me to do.”

“The turmoil, and this is another Clinton narrative that you put out there and the media is picking up on.”

“And the Clinton machine may not like it but we are prepared for the fight.”

Well, there you have it. Hillary Clinton needs to apologize to America for making Donald Trump say such horrible things about a Gold Star family, making Trump kick a baby out of his rally, reportedly telling people if we have nuclear weapons, why can’t we use them, and making Trump spiral down into a crazy ditch he can’t climb out of no matter how much his campaign blames President Obama for Captain Khan’s death, which tragically happened in 2004.

Hillary Clinton should also apologize for Republicans thinking Trump is insane, and for their reported coming intervention – a step they didn’t even think necessary with Sarah Palin, if that’s any indication of how far things have jumped the sanity shark- and by jumped the sanity shark I mean numbers showing that Donald Trump is sinking them all.

Clinton should also apologize to Trump’s “suicidal” staff for making Trump so insane that no one can control him.

This message is brought to you by the “party of personal responsibility”; aka, the Trump Republican Party.

Everything Trump does that you don’t like is Hillary Clinton’s fault, then Obama’s fault, and then the media’s fault. No need to memorize this, they’re going to keep repeating it until November.

Takeaway: Hillary Clinton is so powerful that she ought to be President. And let’s face it, by simply being competent, informed and reasonable, Clinton does make Trump look like a fool, and his ego can’t stand that. So really, this is all her fault — just not in the way that the Trump campaign is spinning it.