Trump’s Attempt To Distract From Threat To Assassinate Hillary Clinton Is Failing Bigly

Donald Trump took to Twitter to whine about the media focusing on his threat to have Hillary Clinton assassinated.

Tonight we got extra excuses from Donald Trump, after his campaign blamed the media and then his spokesperson announced that Hillary Clinton would only be shot if Trump lost, so all is well.

Here we go, starting off with Trump’s typical whine about the media not paying attention to Clinton’s emails or policies, when they have in fact investigated her emails more than any other politician’s and she’s had plenty of her policies examined — because she actually has policies, unlike Trump’s comfort with reliance on general claims to bigly greatness.

“When is the media going to talk about Hillary’s policies that have gotten people killed, like Libya, open borders, and maybe her emails?” Trump asked.

Trump really seemed lost in the tin foil weeds, trying to blame Clinton’s policies for killing people as some kind of excuse for what he said tonight. So Trump whines, why are they talking about Trump’s death threats and craziness? What about Clinton’s emails? Wah. What’s a new death threat to emails that have been read by practically every journalist covering the election.

Then Trump tried to distract the media with another lie. “Media desperate to distract from Clinton’s anti-2A stance. I said pro-2A citizens must organize and get out vote to save our Constitution!”

Donald Trump is misleading people knowingly when he keeps repeating that Hillary Clinton wants to get rid of the second amendment. This has been fact-checked by PolitiFact and found false, way back in May.

Donald Trump is also misleading people when he claims he was merely cheering on an organizing effort by second amendment people. He did not say people must organize. He said people should use the second amendment to fix the problem of Clinton winning.

None of these attempts at distraction, seeping self-pity as they are, excuse what Donald Trump said today. Here’s what he said, “By the way, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks. Although, the Second Amendment people maybe there is. I don’t know.”

There is no excuse for what Donald Trump said. It doesn’t matter if he has poor grammar (another excuse floated by his surrogates) or he didn’t mean it or he meant she would die after the election — none of these things matter. A President needs to be able to speak clearly so they don’t start WWIII.

A President can’t run around telling North Korea he didn’t mean to say he was going to nuke them, it was poor grammar.

A President’s people can’t threaten that there will be bloodshed if they lose.

Donald Trump can’t handle losing and so our country is being brought down to Trump’s basest level, where he is apparently quite comfortable. Nothing makes Donald Trump more angry than being called out for something that he said. Accountability is not in his wheelhouse. Too bad for him, his threat didn’t go over well and he’s not getting out of it with lame attempts at distraction.

Donald Trump is not only a horrible, frightening candidate for president, he is simply not fit to be around civilized people.