Bigotry Backfires On Republicans As Millennials Reject Trump And Flock To Hillary Clinton

A new poll of Millennials reveals that Donald Trump is getting historically low levels of support as voters under age 35 are flocking to Hillary Clinton.

USA Today reported on the USA Today/Rock The Vote poll of millennials:

The survey shows Clinton trouncing Trump 56%-20% among those under 35, though she has failed so far to generate the levels of enthusiasm Sanders did — and the high turn-out that can signal — among Millennials.


In the new survey, half of those under 35 say they identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party; just 20% identify with or lean toward the Republican Party. Seventeen percent are independents, and another 12% either identify with another party or don’t know.

Trump’s weakness among younger voters is unprecedented, lower even than the 32% of the vote that the Gallup Organization calculates Richard Nixon received among 18-to-29-year-old voters in 1972, an era of youthful protests against the Vietnam War.

Oh, and those Bernie Sanders supporting millennials who some in the media claimed would never support Hillary Clinton are supporting the Democratic nominee 72%-11% over Donald Trump.

The Republican Party is already getting historically low levels of support from Latino and African-American voters, but what is even worse is that Donald Trump may be creating a generation of Democratic voters with his campaign.

Until the Republican Party gets in step with the rest of the country and stops embracing discriminatory and bigoted positions on immigration and LGBT issues, the votes of many millennials will be off the table for them. Republicans are on the wrong side of so many issues that millennials care about like jobs, wages, and college affordability that it is amazing that Trump has any millennial support at all.

Millennials care about the issues, and on the issues, Hillary Clinton is on their side more than Donald Trump will ever be.

The media had it wrong. Millennials are supporting Clinton because she is the best choice to address the issues that matter most to them.