Repulsive Trump Attempt To Manipulate Black Voters Fails As He Misspells Dwyane Wade’s Name

After NBA star Dwyane Wade’s cousin was shot and killed while walking her baby in Chicago, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump shamelessly tried to exploit another senseless gun violence death but managed to misspell the name of the Chicago Bulls guard.

Wade has been speaking out against gun violence, especially in his hometown of Chicago, but the senseless tragedy touched his own family as his cousin was fatally shot as a gunman opened fire on her and another man while she was walking her baby.

Never missing a chance to exploit any tragedy, big or small for his own personal gain, Trump tweeted:

Donald Trump managed to misspell the name of the person that he was talking about in the tweet and repulse more voters by attempting to use the personal tragedy of another family for political gain.

Trump claims that Hillary Clinton only views African-Americans as votes, but his tweet was a textbook example of how Trump projects his views onto his opponent. If Trump really cared, he would at least spell Dwyane Wade’s name correctly.

African-Americans are going to join the majority of their fellow voters in not supporting Trump, and the callous, sociopathic, exploitative behavior that Trump exhibited towards Dwyane Wade demonstrated why Hillary Clinton is on pace for victory in November.