Fox News Turns On Trump And Busts Him For Lying About Black Poverty Statistics

Donald Trump is so far out of touch reality that Fox News Sunday busted the Republican nominee for lying about African-American poverty statistics.


Transcript via Fox News Sunday:

WALLACE: All right. Let’s move on to another one. Donald Trump has also been reaching out to African-Americans this week, asking, what do you have to lose after decades of Democratic neglect? Here he is.


TRUMP: Poverty, rejection, horrible education, no housing, no homes, no ownership, crime at levels that nobody’s seen.


WALLACE: But, Kellyanne, that totally misrepresents what blacks face in this country. Trump says black youth unemployment is 58 percent. It’s actually 19 percent. Twenty-six percent of blacks live in poverty. That’s not good. But the vast majority do not.

How can Trump address the problem when he doesn’t seem to understand what it really is?

CONWAY: So as I understand it, Chris, the 58 percent refers to the number of African-American youth who are not working.

But you’re right. We’re also taking our message to African-Americans who are concerned about other things like lending, like housing, like discrimination. They may be unsafe. They may live in safe neighborhoods with fine schools, but it certainly isn’t what their children deserve. They deserve the same high-quality education as other children. And that’s his point.

A program that airs on the Fox networks is calling out Donald Trump for not understanding African-American economic issues. Fox has been showing signs for weeks that outside of Hannity and O’Reilly much of the programming is off of the Trump train.

One of the staples of Trump’s stump speech has been the statistics about African-American poverty, but even Fox News Sunday is saying that is Trump is lying.

Even worse, Trump’s own campaign manager didn’t mount much of push back when called out on the misrepresentation of African-American poverty. Donald Trump has taken the Republican Party so far away from reality that Fox News is fact checking him.

By debunking one of the Republican nominee’s main arguments to African-American voters, Chris Wallace and Fox News Sunday shoveled another scoop of dirt on to Donald Trump’s political grave.