The Clinton Campaign’s Takedown Of Trump’s Doctor Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

As Donald Trump has been desperately latching onto the latest conspiracies theory about Hillary Clinton’s health, it is his own doctor that has been getting most of the media attention lately.

An NBC report out Friday took the story to another level when it reported that Trump’s doctor, Harold Bornstein, wrote a letter declaring Trump’s “excellent” health in just five minutes as a limo sent by Trump waited outside his office.

The letter said the Republican nominee would be “the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency,” almost as if Trump wrote it himself.

The Clinton campaign quickly pounced and came out with a hilarious, annotated takedown of the document.

“Donald Trump is healthy as a horse—just ask his personal physician, who sounds remarkably like Donald Trump,” a post to Hillary Clinton’s website read. “Dr. Bornstein said he wrote this in five minutes. (It shows.) Look, we aren’t medical professionals, but we found more than a few things voters should be concerned about.”

The Clinton campaign jokingly went after everything from the document’s letterhead (which contained the name of a doctor that passed away in 2010) to the fact that the letter states Trump’s recent medical examination “showed only positive results.”

“The manner in which Dr. Bornstein describes Donald Trump’s tests is positively alarming,” the Clinton campaign post reads. “‘Positive’ test results might sound good but, as all doctors (and patients!) should know, they indicate that you have the condition you were tested for.”

Borstein’s letter also says that Trump “has lost at least 15 pounds,” which puzzled the Clinton campaign.

“At least 15 pounds?” the post said. “Scales these days can accurately measure weight loss, but maybe Dr. Bornstein was just eyeballing it.”

As I noted earlier, Borstein wrote in the letter that Trump would be the “healthiest” person to assume the office of the presidency, but the Clinton campaign says they are “confident saying Dr. Bornstein has never examined George Washington.”

In a campaign lacking light-hearted humor, this is just what the doctor ordered – no pun intended.

Kudos to the Clinton campaign.