Democrats Applaud As Trump Wastes Time In Washington, Another State Not In Play

There are less than 70 days left until voters officially weigh in on who they think should be President of the United States – even fewer if you factor in early voting.

As we approach the home stretch of the campaign, the list of swing states pretty much consists of the usual suspects – Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Iowa, and Nevada – and even some typically red states like South Carolina, Arizona, and Georgia, which Hillary Clinton has impressively been able to put in play.

But, once again, as the clock continues to tick and there is just a shade over two months left until Election Day, Donald Trump is taking his campaign on Tuesday to a state he will most certainly lose: Washington.

Yes, the Washington that President Obama won by 15 points in 2012. The Washington that has gone for the Democratic nominee in each of the past seven presidential elections. The Washingon that is getting more blue, not less.

That Washington.

Despite Trump’s puzzling trip to the Evergreen State – perhaps we should start calling it the Everblue State – this is another place that will not be contested this year outside of Trump’s delusional mind. Clinton will win it easily.

In fact, the most recent poll taken in the state shows her doing even better than Obama did four years ago and beating Trump by 19 points. FiveThirtyEight’s forecast shows that Clinton has a 96 percent chance of winning Washington this fall – a real nail-biter.

This isn’t Trump’s only odd campaign stop, though.

In recent weeks, the Republican nominee has wasted time traveling to Connecticut (not in play), Texas (not in play), and Mississippi (not in play). He also planned a trip to Oregon (not in play) earlier this month, before eventually canceling it.

It’s as if Trump, in deciding which states to travel to, blindfolds himself and throws a dart at a map of the United States.

According to a New York Times report earlier this month, Karl Rove has said that Trump’s campaign scheduling shows that he is “confused and scared” as the election approaches.

Can’t argue with you on that one, Karl.

The only thing that Trump’s trip to Washington will do is make Democrats smile as the GOP nominee wastes more precious time pointlessly campaigning in states that aren’t up for grabs in November.