Trump Bombs And Delivers Historically Terrible Performance At Commander In Chief Forum

Donald Trump gave what was nothing less than the worst performance of a nominee in modern political history. Trump confirmed that he knows nothing, and is proud of his ignorance.

Trump began by telling America that he was fit to be commander in chief because he is a business man. Trump once again praised his own judgment and lied about his opposition to the war in Iraq.

Lauer asked Trump if the country can afford to take the temperament risk on him. Trump brought up the Mexico trip and claimed that the firestorm his trip caused in Mexico was a victory.

Trump was asked about his claim that he knows more about ISIS than the generals, and he avoided the question. Lauer asked Trump if he lost faith in the military commanders. Trump did a song and dance about how trusts the military commanders, but he doesn’t trust Hillary Clinton.

A vet who is a Democrat asked Trump about his secret plan to defeat ISIS and asked what his plan for the region is. Trump repeated the question about how the US has invaded and never had a plan. Trump lied and claimed that Obama pulled out all of the troops, and that is how ISIS was formed. Trump repeated his babbling that the US should take the oil. Lauer asked how the oil would be taken, and Trump mumbled something about leaving people behind to take the oil.

Trump was asked what his plan is, and he rambled on while incoherently not mentioning a plan.

Trump was asked if an undocumented person who plans to serve in the armed forces should be allowed to stay in the country. Trump said that it would be a special circumstance, and they would be allowed to stay.

Listening to Trump speak, it was clear that the Republican nominee was making it up as he went along. Trump was asked a question about relations with Russia, and he touted Putin’s approval rating. Lauer asked Trump if he would accept a compliment from Putin, and Trump said that he would take the compliment when Putin called him brilliant. Trump praised Putin for being a leader and claimed that he is a better leader than Obama.

Trump was asked what his specific plan was to help veterans, and he claimed that Clinton said she was satisfied with how things are going at the VA. Trump went on to basically admit that his plan for the VA is privatization, while he said that he is opposed to privatization.

Trump was asked what his plan was to deal with the vet suicide epidemic, and he called the VA, which not five minutes before, he vowed not to privatize a corrupt enterprise.

Donald Trump stood by his 2013 tweet that blamed military rapes on the victims.

Lauer asked Trump what he was reading and how he was preparing to be commander in chief. Trump claimed that he is studying “a lot,” but then he talked about how busy he is and how many hats he is wearing. Trump claimed that he doesn’t need knowledge because he has “a common sense.”

If the CIC forum was the first commander in chief test Trump failed miserably. Donald Trump was unprepared, unknowledgeable, and he had no plan to address any of the issues that were posed to him.

Donald Trump gave the worst performance of a modern presidential nominee in any forum in the last thirty years. Trump confirmed everything that Democrats have been saying. He was unprepared, winging it, and the last person anyone should trust with the commander in chief responsibilities.