Donald Trump Attacks African American Pastor Who Cut Off His Political Attacks

In a phone interview littered with unchallenged lies, Donald Trump told Fox & Friends on Thursday morning “something was up” with Rev. Faith Timmons, the Flint, Michigan pastor who cut him off when he launched into a political attack on Hillary Clinton in her church.

It was a trap, Fox News’ Fox & Friends’ host Steve Doocy suggested. Oh yes, Trump agreed, the Pastor was out to get him.

Watch here:

Citing the pastor’s Facebook post in which she expressed the hope that they could show Donald Trump that this nation was “filled with intelligent, wise black citizens of integrity,” co-host Steve Doocy told the Republican nominee that “some have suggested online” he was set up by the Pastor of the African-American church.

“Some have suggested online that they were out to sabotage you by putting that up,” Doocy said. “When she says she was trying to educate you, the congregation when they are trying to educate you about what was going on in Flint?”

“Well, I was in Flint yesterday and it was a very interesting experience and got unbelievably good treatment from people, I must say, and even in that audience, the treatment was great,” Trump said.

Even in that audience. Not a great start.

“But something was up,” Trump agreed.

Yes, she had in mind that she could show Donald Trump that African Americans were not the people he regularly stereotypes. That is not a set up, it was an attempt at bridging a divide and standing up for a maligned group of people.

Educating Trump about the situation in Flint would only be sabotage if that is not the reason he went to Flint. If he went to Flint to use the people as a photo-op, then it’s understandable why Trump feels his plans were ruined by the Pastor’s integrity.

“She was shaking!” Trump went on. “And I said, ‘Wow, this is sort of strange,’ and then she came up,” Trump said, completely deviating from reality. “… She had that in mind.”

“Does it bother you?” Brian Kilmeade asked.

“No, It doesn’t bother me,” Trump answered. “I mean, everyone plays their games. It doesn’t bother me.”

Games? People died and are sick in Flint from the water crisis. It’s not a game.

“I’ll tell you what really made me feel good,” Trump continued as he launched into yet another Trump fairy tale in which he attacked the Pastor and tried to divide her from her congregation, “The audience was saying, ‘Let him speak, let him speak.’ The audience was so great and these are mostly African American people, phenomenal people and they want to see change.”

This was the real point of Trump’s visit, so that he could use African Americans with college educated whites to portray himself inaccurately as Not a Racist. So Trump said the people loved him and suggested that they were eager for change that he could deliver.

That is not what happened at all. The congregants were not shouting to let Trump speak. In fact they clapped after the pastor interrupted him and he agreed to return to the subject at hand, which was supposed to be Flint.

Here’s the video:

Donald Trump launched into a political attack on Hillary Clinton at the Bethel United Methodist, only to have the pastor interrupt him to tell him he was not invited to give a political speech.

Trump should know that churches can’t allow political speech. But instead of admitting that he made a mistake, Donald Trump attacked the Pastor, stoked the fires of a conspiracy against him once again, and suggested that indeed the Pastor had set him up.

How did she set him up to give an inappropriate and ignorant political speech to benefit himself when he had been invited to thank the people of the church for their work in helping the beleaguered city of Flint?

“Had he stuck to what his camp claimed he came to do, we would not have had a problem!” Rev Timmons wrote on Facebook last night.

The Pastor also said in comments, “I would not let others make this a platform to disrespect him either. He said his ONE goal was to learn more about the water situation and observe & thank the volunteers in action.”

One again Donald Trump suggests he’s a victim of a conspiracy when he violates the rules agreed to in advance and tries to use people to advance his political agenda without even pretending to be interested in the cause or people he’s using.