Lester Holt Fact Checked And Delivered For Voters As Debate Moderator


NBC News’s Lester Holt fact checked the first presidential debate without taking attention away from the candidates, and in the process, he delivered for the American people.

Holt did not allow either candidate to ramble, and where Trump was concerned, he pressed the Republican nominee on releasing his tax returns, dropped the facts on stop and frisk, and held both candidates on topic and to the clock.

There was a great deal of concern before the debate that Holt would allow Trump to run wild, or hold him to a lower standard than Hillary Clinton. The NBC Nightly News anchor was a fair moderator.


The concern of Democrats was largely unfounded. Trump was asked about his previous statements and remarks, including his birtherism, and his statement that Clinton doesn’t look like a president. Holt was put behind the eight ball early as the Hofstra organizers rambled on for too long and began the debate late.

Lester Holt set a high bar which the future 2016 debate moderators will be judged by. Republicans will scream bias, but Holt did his job. Being a presidential debate moderator is one of the most important duties that a journalist can be handed and Lester Holt did his profession proud.

Holt deserves praise for a job very well done.