At VP Debate, Kaine Destroys The False GOP Narrative About Clinton’s Foreign Policy

At the vice presidential debate on Tuesday, foreign policy was front and center from the outset of the debate. Mike Pence used the opportunity to blame Hillary Clinton for all of the world’s turmoil, from ISIS to Russian aggression.

Tim Kaine wouldn’t let him get away with it.

Kaine reminded Pence and voters of three important facts: 1. Before Hillary Clinton became secretary of state, Osama bin Laden was alive, now he’s dead; 2. Thousands upon thousands of American soldiers were mired in wars in the Middle East, now most of them are home; 3. Iran was close to acquiring a nuclear weapon, now their nuclear program has a lid over it.

Once again, Mike Pence tried to push the narrative that Clinton is to blame for all of the world’s ills. But Clinton’s running mate fact checked him on the spot.