Canada Thinks We Need Some Cheering Up, So They Tell America It’s Great


Things might seem really bad right now, but our northern neighbors see the best in us.

Canadians say they know we have big decisions to make, but hey, here’s a love note from our neighbors to tell us how great America is (already).

They thought, “America could probably use a little cheering up,” so “As their closest friends and neighbours, we thought it was important for us to do something to cut through the negativity and help remind them that no matter how bad things might seem, there are a lot of reasons to believe that America is still pretty great.”


Canada tells America how great it is. Watch here:

Why did they do this? “It’s no secret that America is going through a hard time right now. The election has exposed some pretty scary realities that will likely challenge them for years to come, regardless of who’s elected. They’ve been bombarded with a tremendous amount of negativity and it’s likely that for many of them, the immediate future seems rather bleak,” the folks behind the video at the Garden write.

Yes, yes we have been bombarded with a tremendous amount of negativity.

It’s great to have friends and allies like the people in Canada, who knew exactly what we needed for election season and gave it to us — an uplifting reminder of the kind of nation we want to be and some of our best attributes.

They remind us that we are diverse, we are generous, we are entertaining, we fight for what’s right, we dream big, we are a land of opportunity, and we embody the idea that we can all live together.

They love us, and they think “you’ve always been great.”

No need to “Make America Great Again”, because we are already great. Now we just need to prove it on election day.

Thank you, Canada! This is what a good friend does for you when you’re down, they see the best in you and inspire you to keep going, even when you’ve made mistakes.