Hillary Clinton May Have Just Won Arizona Thanks To Trump Surrogate Jan Brewer

Trump surrogate and former Republican Gov. Jan Brewer might have handed the state to Hillary Clinton by proclaiming that Trump will carry the state because Hispanics don’t vote.

The Boston Globe reported:

“There are other states right now that are very close contests, but even if we manage to pull off a win [it] would not have that same symbolic significance as Arizona,” said Brian Fallon, the Clinton campaign press secretary. “I think that speaks to demographic changes in the country that are really upending the normal map.”

Some Republicans dismissed the notion that Democratic-leaning Hispanics will become a significant enough force to tip the balance to Clinton.

“Nah,” former Arizona governor Jan Brewer said in an interview. “They don’t get out and vote.’’

It sounds like Brewer was issuing a challenge to Arizona’s Hispanic voters. If Hispanic voters set out to prove the former governor wrong, they will not only validate the perception of their growing political power. Arizona Hispanics will also play a big role in sending Hillary Clinton to the White House while rejecting Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s surrogates have been some of the worst enemies of the Republican Party during the 2016 election. There were reports one month ago that Latino anger at Trump was motivating them to get out and vote for Clinton in Arizona.

Jan Brewer’s comments may launch the wave that turns Arizona blue in November.

Brewer says that Hispanics don’t vote, so it is up to them to prove her wrong.