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Classy Trump Supporter Holds Sign With Bullseye Over Clinton’s Face At Virginia Rally

Inciting violence against Hillary Clinton or the media at Donald Trump campaign events isn’t an uncommon occurrence, but a sign one Trump supporter brought to a rally in Virginia Beach on Saturday may be the worst yet.

Tweet via Jim Acosta of CNN:

Placed over a picture of Hillary Clinton were gun crosshairs and text above it reading, “Chipping away your gun rights since 1993.”

Underneath the image, it said, “Killary Rotten Clinton.”

This kind of visual, as disturbing as it is, is sadly not that surprising. Throughout the campaign, Trump rallies have been defined by violence, whether it’s among his supporters or the candidate himself encouraging such violence.

Trump has repeatedly suggested that Clinton should be dealt with through violent means, whether it’s “Second Amendment people” taking care of her if she becomes president or saying that the Democratic nominee’s bodyguard should disarm so we could “see what happens.”

As shocking as this type of imagery is, it’s par for the course when it comes to the Trump campaign.

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