Trump Breaks Down In New Hampshire After Hillary Clinton Draws A Bigger Crowd Than He Does

Donald Trump closed his campaign by going off script and having a breakdown in New Hampshire after Hillary Clinton drew a bigger crowd to her rally than any of his rallies during the campaign.


Trump went off track during his rally in New Hampshire and said:

“And Hillary can’t fill a room. Look, look, this is called filling a stadium, and I have no guitar and no piano. Right? I mean she gets Jay Z and Beyonce the other night. The language. Right? The language was so bad. People were insulted. They started walking out. Hillary then walks on to the stage, hugs him, hugs him, hugs him. And then she says Donald Trump uses such foul language. Give me a break. And did you hear what he was saying?

And tonight’s guest Bruce Springsteen. What they don’t say is, so they perform. Actually, in the case of Jay Z, they were leaving because so many of these people never saw language like that. They started to leave. So what happens, they come in, they listen to the musician, which I think is demeaning; it’s actually demeaning to the political process.

They listen because she can’t fill a room. I’m telling you. She’d have a hundred people sitting in the first row. We have 28,000 including the people outside. More than Beyonce. More than Jay Z. More than anybody.”

Apparently, Donald Trump had no problem with demeaning the political process when he campaigned with musician Ted Nugent yesterday in Michigan.

Trump’s tantrum was in response to the fact that Clinton drew 33,000 to her rally in Philadelphia compared to 11,000 for Trump in New Hampshire.

The building that Donald Trump spoke in tonight holds 11,000 people, so no, there are not 28,000 people in attendance:

Hillary Clinton’s rally, which people did not leave after the musical guests, drew 33,000 people.

In the last hours of the presidential campaign, Donald Trump wasn’t talking about policy or his campaign. Trump was having a meltdown because Hillary Clinton drew more people to her rally than he did to his. For Trump, the entire presidential campaign is an exercise in ego.

The Republican nominee’s ego was bruised because he thinks he is a huge star, so he went off script and held himself a pity party.

Nobody wants to campaign with Donald Trump.

Trump promised a campaign of winners and stars, but it was Hillary Clinton who had the winners of four of the last six presidential elections, and two music legends campaigning with her in Philadelphia.

When it was time to get out the vote, Clinton blew Trump away. A serious candidate would be concerned, but all Donald Trump can see is a wound to his outsized ego. If thinks tonight is bad, he may be really hurting after the votes are counted tomorrow.