Trump Supporter Sports T-Shirt Proposing the Lynching of Journalists

You’ve heard the old saw, “Don’t shoot the messenger.” For at least one Trump supporter in Minnesota, it is hanging and not shooting they have in mind.

And it is no surprise really, given the abuse Donald Trump has heaped on journalists for reporting his actual words during the campaign.

Reuters’ Patricia Zengerle tweeted this image:

That’s right: Trump’s base is so afraid of facts, so afraid of the truth, that they’d rather kill those who bring it to them than hear it.

Even one alleged journalist, Trump’s/CNN’s Corey Lewandowski, made sure he couldn’t hear any unwanted facts via NBC News’ Katy Tur this weekend:

Yes, Katy, you did. You quoted words people actually said. And that’s a no-no in a dictatorship of the sort Donald Trump proposes for our country. After all, if his pal Putin can do it, why not our orange-haired oligarch?

It is a shame just shutting somebody out doesn’t actually change any facts, as Trump and his base will find out on November 8. And one of those facts and one of the saddest is all the help the mainstream media has given Trump by ignoring his own very real scandals to push right wing lies about Hillary Clinton.

As Dan Rather has reminded us, “far too many of the press…gave Trump an open mic and treated his many serious transgressions with indifference and false equivalence.” When they fail to do that, fail to toe the Trump line, it’s a hanging offense.

We have seen some truly appalling things said by Donald Trump and his deplorables, but proposing murdering somebody because you don’t like that they’re telling you what their candidate said, is truly terrifying.