Donald Trump Breaches Protocol And Ditches Press Pool To Go Out For Steak

Once again, Donald Trump showed his disdain for the media on Tuesday when he abandoned his press pool to escape to the 21 Club, a famous steakhouse in New York City.

The Trump team had originally alerted the press that there would be no more activity by the president-elect for the remainder of the night – then Trump quietly left his penthouse to get himself a steak dinner, likely cooked well-done.


The protective press pool that Trump ditched is meant to ensure that the American people know exactly what their president or president-elect is doing as the leader of the free world. After all, citizens deserve to know where their president is, regardless of whether or not he likes it, and it’s a norm that has been upheld for decades.

If Trump’s abandonment of this tradition continues into his presidency, then he may end up being one of the least accessible commanders-in-chief in modern history. That doesn’t bode well given the fact that a free press is more vital under a Trump administration than it ever will be.

According to the Daily Mail, the president-elect’s spokesperson, Hope Hicks, told reporters that this was not how things would be handled after Trump is sworn in – she promises.

Hopefully, the media will hold her and her boss accountable, if the incoming administration even allows them to do their job.