In 1905 Bavaria Kicked Out Draft-Dodger Donald Trump’s Draft-Dodging Grandpa

Apparently, the fruit does not fall far from the tree, and Donald Trump is not the first rotten apple to fall. The Washington Post tweeted the following announcement that Donald Trump’s grandfather, Friedrich Trump, was formally kicked out of Bavaria in 1905 for dodging military service:

Influential German daily newspaper Bild (literally, ‘picture’) broke the story, revealing letter written by Friedrich Trump to Prince Luitpold of Bavaria, begging the ruler not to deport him. Friedrich, you see, had left in 1885 at the age of 16, to get rich in the wilds of North America.

As the Post explains,

Trump went on to make his fortune out west, including a stint running taverns and brothels amid the gold rush in Canada’s Yukon territory. He “mined the miners,” as one chronicler put it, and his Arctic restaurant became one of the more infamous institutions of the territory.

Oh dear. Some things really do never change, do they?

Friedrich Trump returned to Bavaria in the early 1900s but since he had skipped out without completing his obligatory service in the Bavarian army (like grandson Donald would later dodge service in the United States Army) he was labeled a draft-dodger and had to go.

His letter was an appeal, and as the Post tells us, it failed:

“The American citizen and pensioner Friedrich Trump, currently residing in Kallstadt, is hereby informed that he is to depart the state of Bavaria, or face deportation,” authorities said in a document dated February 1905, according to Deutsche Welle.

In America and Canada, Friedrich Trump exhibited the same ability as his grandson to escape financial disaster, leaving Seattle right before “floods and avalanches destroyed the nearby railroad and development plans for the town were scrapped,” and pulled off the same timely maneuver in Canada when the gold rush finally ended.

It is a shame the United States could not have done the same to its own Trump draft-dodger. Any number of those who are already or are about to become victims of Trump’s no-morals avariciousness would happily pen the rejection letter.

We would be spared now the specter of a white nationalist grifter in the White House – well, in Trump Tower – since living in the White House implies honest labor as opposed to the corrupt pocket-lining he can do like a dark lord in his tower.