Democrats Fight Back To Protect President Obama’s Legacy With New Super PAC

A group of Democratic operatives who were behind the movement to draft Vice President to run for president is starting a new super PAC to help Democrats fight back against President-elect Trump, and protect the achievements of President Obama.

In a press release, William Pierce, senior advisor to Restore the Majority PAC, said:

We must begin the fight now to defend the legacy of the Obama administration and stand in opposition to the dangerous, backward policies we can expect from a Trump administration. Progress we’ve made on immigration, foreign policy, reproductive rights, climate change, and workers’ rights are all at stake. We fought so hard to defend our values during this election; many of us are tired. But now that we’ve lost control of the Senate and the White House, everything is on the line, and we have to move quickly.

The majority of Americans do not support Donald Trump, and many of us are shaking off the shock of the Trump victory and turning our frustration into action, and we’re going to use this energy to fund an ongoing, aggressive challenge to the divisive and extremist agenda of Donald Trump. In short, we want to make it known to President-Elect Trump that an overwhelming majority of Americans do not support him or the policies we can expect from his Administration.

Pierce was correct. It is time for Democrats to organize and fight. If the left sits back and allows the Republican-controlled federal government to roll, the achievements of the Obama years will be wiped out in short order. The left fought too hard for these accomplishments to allow themselves give up and let Donald Trump and his administration of corporate cronies harm the American people through ACA repeal, privatizing Social Security and Medicare, and the roll back of worker rights, civil rights, and women’s rights.

The task is large, but the majority of voters did not support Donald Trump. Democrats have both a duty and popular mandate to fight the incoming administration at every turn.

While Democrats largely support campaign finance reform, campaign finance laws are likely to be completely wiped out under Republican control. Super PACs can be powerful tools for the opposition, and no matter how one feels about campaign finance, the message that Democrats need to come together to fight Trump is one that must be acted upon.

It is time for Democrats to use every tool in their toolbox to fight the Trump agenda.