Birther Donald Trump Cracks And Can’t Handle Getting Back What He Dished Out

In a press conference Wednesday morning, the Trump entourage is outraged that the media would dare run stories about terrifying reports that might explain President-elect Donald Trump’s bizarre love for Putin. But this is Donald Trump, who spent eight years referencing non-credible sources to create a fake conspiracy about President Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

This morning, Donald Trump claimed that the reports should never have been had or written. Trump said it’s all “fake news,” “opponents, sick people”, put the “crap together” and “it shouldn’t have even entered paper.”

Wednesday morning, President-elect Donald Trump wondered if we were in Nazi Germany, and by that he meant he felt persecuted (forget those he is actually targeting).

Trump exploded about the report that he has been compromised by the Russians in a diatribe that read in part, “Intelligence agencies should never have allowed this fake news to “leak” into the public. One last shot at me.Are we living in Nazi Germany?”

Politicus Podcast on Trump Press Conference:

Listen to “Trump Wrecks His Presidency With Press Conference Disaster” on Spreaker.

Here’s a few of Donald Trump’s 2012 tweets, back when he was hawking a fake and actually debunked-with-evidence conspiracy about President Barack Obama:

Here’s Trump going with much less than a credible intelligence source and claiming it is a real thing:

And indeed, Trump has words for our country, when you suspect a President, go on the offensive:

Take the offensive!

Trump never let the facts that debunked his Obama conspiracy get in the way of hawking it:

With zero evidence, let alone smoking guns like actual reports from credible sources as we have in the Trump Russia compromise report, Trump announced that Obama might be a Muslim, so that’s why he was hiding his birth certificate. Of course, Obama wasn’t hiding his birth certificate, but facts are of little matter to Donald Trump.

Except when it involves him. And then there are no facts facty enough to be a fact. If they implicate him in any way, they aren’t real. “Fake news!” He cries.

This man now expects everyone to do the complete opposite as he did, even though the birther conspiracy was long debunked and the Trump/Russia compromised report has not been debunked, it is actually being investigated because it was credible enough to warrant intelligence agencies taking it seriously. Unlike the Obama birth certificate conspiracy.

Donald Trump can’t handle even a little of what he dished out for eight years to President Obama. Trump is a little man, with no values or ability to hold himself even vaguely to the standards he demands of others.