Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Tells Trump ‘Please Please Grow Up’

Donald Trump is sending no love to Mexico despite all his claims during the election that he loves Mexicans, and he is getting none in return.

Last February, Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Quesade compared Trump to Hitler. After again comparing Trump to Hitler on Thursday, Fox appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to lambaste both Trump and the Republican Party, saying while Republicans “don’t seem to have a free mind,” Donald Trump needs to “grow up.”

“[The Republicans] don’t seem to have a free mind. They just seem to be doing just exactly what Senor Trump proposed to them.”

Speaking of what Fox refers to as that “f*cking wall,” the former president said, “I would say, Senor Trump ‘Please please grow up. I mean, now you’re President of a great nation, of the most powerful nation in the world, please grow up, be or try to be a real president.”

Watch the video courtesy of MSNBC’s Morning Joe:

Fox said,

“President Pena decided not to come to United States, it was not a mutual decision, it was our President’s decision. Because we are offended, because we are being harmed and because you’re affecting our businesses like Ford Motor Company.”

He added that the 20 percent tariff is a tax on Americans and that this means ultimately it is Americans and not Mexicans paying for the wall:

“Do you know who pays a tax when you import? It’s the American corporation; the company that is importing the car… Mexico is not paying for the wall, you are paying for the wall, taxpayers in the United States are paying for the wall.”

Fox also returned to the Hitler comparison, driving his point home, saying, “[Trump’s] playing around with everybody.”

“Hitler used to embellish… by his nice talking, by his promises, by these grand dreams. Trump just moved from tweeting or from campaign promises to executive orders.”

He did not ignore the practical problems of building the wall, pointing to the Congress others have pointed out Trump seems to have forgotten:

“Executive order doesn’t mean a thing! When he comes to Congress and tells them ‘I need the money for the wall, I need 25 billion for the wall’, what is Congress gonna say? And then he will promise again, ‘Don’t worry I’m gonna collect that money from Mexico… ‘ That will not happen.”

Donald Trump has made a complete fool of himself, picking a fight he cannot win when, really, he is holding no cards. He can bluster and threaten but in the end, he can’t make Mexico do anything. He can only punish Americans while pretending to punish Mexico.