Donald Trump Says He Will Announce his Supreme Court Nominee on Tuesday

When he was done making excuses for his travel ban fiasco this weekend, Donald Trump tweeted this morning that rather than Thursday as expected, he will announce his nominee for the Supreme Court live on Tuesday at 8 p.m.

In an exclusive interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network’s The Brody File Friday, Trump said “evangelicals, Christians will love my pick.”

Which means liberals and progressives can expect to hate it, as if there was not already cause enough to hate it as a result of it being, in actuality, President Obama’s pick:

DAVID BRODY:” Let’s start with the Supreme Court. I know you’re narrowing down the list. I know you’ve talked about who you kind of have an idea of who is going to be this person, but let me ask you where does the final result lie? In other words, is it a gut instinct for you? Because they’re all good on this list. So what’s the bottom line factor when deciding?”
PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Well, I think also it’s who’s going to get approved. And you know we have to go through a process after I pick the person that I am going to be picking. I think I know, but I’m not 100%. I can’t guarantee it. We’re doing some further checking. The vetting, they call it the vetting process and the vetting process is very strong. But we have all 20 are fantastic people. You know we put out 20 before the election. I said these are the people I’ll pick. And I think the person I pick will be big, big I think people are going to love it. I think evangelicals, Christians will love my pick. And will be represented very fairly.”

Who the pick is we don’t know, only that it will be the result of a Republican violation of the Constitution and that it will result in further violations of the Constitution on behalf of a virulently extreme segment of the population against the majority who don’t live their lives the way the minority wish.