Trump Whines About Fake Media Not Covering His Crowds As Presidency Teeters Near Collapse

Donald Trump has some serious issues that are absolutely getting in the way of his ability to function on any kind of expected, adult level.

This was never cute. But now President Trump is whining about the media not covering his “enthusiastic supporters” while Russian smokes threatens to bring this country down thanks to him and his administration. This is more than pathetic. It’s deeply troubling.

Donald Trump’s National Security adviser was busted Thursday and Friday for having talks with the Russian ambassador about the sanctions imposed in retaliation for Russia interfering with our election. He had some of these talks before the election. Before Donald Trump won the election.

On Friday, a top aide to Trump’s NSA was denied security clearance.

Friday and Saturday, Democrats called for Trump to fire his National Security adviser.

Friday evening, Trump pretended he knew nothing of the explosive report that his NSA was talking to Russia even before the election.

Sunday, Trump adviser Stephen Miller refused to comment on this matter saying the White House hadn’t given him anything to say on it.

On Sunday, a former national security expert quoted a Senior Pentagon intelligence official as saying, “Since January 20, we’ve assumed that the Kremlin has ears inside the Situation Room… There’s not much the Russians don’t know at this point.”

On Sunday evening, Michael Flynn was on Air Force One with President Trump, returning to D.C.

So basically D.C. is on fire with Russian flames encroaching our most vital national security and Donald Trump is whining about crowds and the media.

Senator Al Franken said today that a few Republicans are worried about Trump’s mental health. Just a few? That says a lot.