In One Month Trump Has Cost Taxpayers 1/10th Of What Obama Spent In 8 Years

Republicans complained about the amount of money that President Obama spent on travel, but Donald Trump is on pace to spend more in his first year on travel than Obama spent in eight years as president.

Video from a CBSN report:

Obama spent $97 million over his eight years in office on travel, but Trump has spent at least $10 million on trips to his private club in Florida during his first month in office.

When Obama traveled, on every occasion, some conservative outlet would publish an enraged story about the expense of his travel. These same conservative media outlets, I’m looking at you Fox News, have been completely silent about the big bills that Trump is racking up on travel.

On top of the tens of millions of dollars that Trump is spending on weekends in Florida, there is the gigantic cost that comes with his wife and son continuing to live in New York while the President is in Washington, DC. Security for Trump Tower is going to cost taxpayers $183 million this year. Security for the Trump kids as they travel for business is likely to cost the American people millions more.

Trump is also doing millions of dollars in damage to the local West Palm Beach, Florida economy with each presidential visit. It is estimated that Trump could drive the local airport out of business due to lost revenue that is caused by airspace restrictions due to Trump’s visits.
President Trump and his family are spending nearly as much in a month as Obama spent in a year.

Presidential abuse of taxpayer funds should not be a partisan issue. Fiscal conservatives need to speak out and tell President Trump that if he wants to live large, he will not be doing it on the taxpayers’ dime.

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