Disaster For Republicans As Entire Crowd Stands Up When Asked If They Are Affected By ACA

The reason why Obamacare repeal has turned into a nightmare for Republicans was demonstrated at Sen. Tom Cotton’s town hall when the entire crowd stood when a woman asked for anyone who was affected by the ACA or health care to stand.


A woman stood up at Sen. Cotton’s town hall and said, “I would like anyone who has been affected by the Affordable Care Act and affected by health care to stand up.”

The whole crowd stood up, and Republicans got a visual image of their problem with repealing Obamacare. The Affordable Care Act impacts the entire health insurance system. It impacts people no matter where they get their coverage from.

Republicans are discovering the real world limitation to arguing only that Obamacare is bad. The GOP has reached the real world now what stage of repeal and they are trapped.

People see ACA repeal for what it is. Affordable Care Act repeal is literally a life and death matter for tens of millions of Americans.

If Congressional Republicans get rid of Obamacare, there is a very good chance that the voters are going to respond by getting rid of the Republicans in Congress.