Pelosi Calls for An Independent Investigation of the “Deflector-in-Chief”

After President Trump called for Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to be investigated because they were seen in public with Russians, he awoke Saturday morning to accuse President Obama of illegally wiretapping him.

In other words, the Freakout Chief is in Projection Mode on Steroids.

Pelosi’s response was to call for an independent investigation of Trump’s Russia connections:

Friday evening, Pelosi couldn’t hide her contempt at the President’s incompetence:

Republicans have been desperately trying to plant that story in the media- that Democrats have been seen in public with the Russian ambassador or Putin! ZOMG, so it’s exactly the same.

Of course it is not, because the Kremlin did not try to get Democrats elected, and thus the notion that they were secretly colluding during public events is about as likely as it is that Donald Trump will tell the truth about his connections to Russia.

Putin interfered in our election to get Donald Trump elected. What did he get for it, if anything, that’s the quid pro quo part. Now the word “collusion” is being thrown about, which is a criminal, treasonous thing.

So Trump is getting “buggy” and Pelosi is doing what she always does- stays focused on the real issue and keeps her Democratic caucus in line, on point, and ready to go.

The pressure on Congressional Republicans to get behind an independent investigation is increasing at warp speed.