A Fed Up Jake Tapper Goes Off On Trump For Accusations That Are Untethered To Reality

This is called just making things up to get out of trouble.

When asked to back up Trump’s wild claims by CNN’s Jake Tapper, the Trump White House confirmed that Trump got his ideas not from actual sources in the government, but from conspiracy and alternative fact specialists Breitbart and Levin. That is to say, they got nothing.

While digging in to these accusations to see if there is any merit to them (while RussiaGate simmers in the background where Trump no doubt wanted it to be), Tapper warned journalists to keep in mind that Trump is a conspiracy monger who puts “out wild accusations that are untethered to reality.”

There is no proof or even any evidence at all that would suggest people should be going on a wild goose chase looking for evidence of Obama wrongdoing when it is many in the Trump administration and campaign who are known to have been communicating with Russian spies and lying about it during the campaign.

Trump probably counts this derailing of his Russia scandal as a win, but he is wrong. One weekend of news stories does not a scandal make.

The scandal that Trump can’t bury is the the overarching story of Trump’s close ties with a hostile foreign power that interfered in our election, because while that sounds far-fetched, there is actual evidence that led all U.S. intelligence agencies to this conclusion.

Jake Tapper just warned people to bear in mind from whence this accusation came. It came from the guy so dedicated to the birther conspiracy he didn’t let facts stand in his way. The real story, of course, is Trump’s Russia problem. And that story has legs.