Rachel Maddow Beats Fox News For An Entire Week As Younger Viewers Flock To MSNBC

As ratings for Fox News show a double-digit drop, younger viewers (age 25-54) powered The Rachel Maddow Show to a win over Fox for an entire week with the key demographic.

According to a press release provided to PoliticusUSA from MSNBC, ““The Rachel Maddow Show” averaged 2.62 million total viewers and 624,000 A25-54 viewers last week (vs. CNN’s 1.2 million total viewers and 402,000 viewers A25-54, and FOX News’ 2.64 total viewers and 548,000 viewers A25-54). This is the program’s best week in total viewers since October 27, 2008 – the closest ever in total viewer delivery to FOX News – and the best week in A25-54 since November 5, 2012. “The Rachel Maddow Show” last held its #1 spot in A25-54 during the week of October 10, 2016.”

Maddow had her best week in five years and is close to beating Fox News’s overall viewership for an entire week. Viewers are starved for facts during the Trump presidency, and they are tuning into Rachel Maddow, whose program is the opposite of how the Trump administration treats both information and the media.

The fact that Fox News is seeing a ratings drop while MSNBC is growing suggests that conservative viewers are not as motivated and engaged at the moment as the non-Trump supporting audience. MSNBC’s ratings have grown by an impressive 72%, while Fox News has seen a 14% decline.

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MSNBC is coming up fast on Fox News, and the big reason why is the explosive growth of The Rachel Maddow Show. A majority of Americans want their country back, and they want a dose of calm reality to offset the fact-free chaos of Trump.

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