Roland Martin Calls For Trump White House To Be “Drug Tested” Over Obama Wiretap Lies

Roland Martin responded to a Republican strategist trying to defend Trump’s Obama wiretap lies by calling for the Trump White House to be, “drug tested.”


MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson asked Republican strategist Hogan Gidley about Sean Spicer’s infamous air quotes while trying to defend Trump’s claims that Obama wiretapped him. Gidley answered, “Look, I can’t get into those tweets. I don’t understand the air quotes conversation. I listened to you ask that question in real time. Let’s be honest most newscasts today use The New York Times to do their entire run down. Their show’s based around the front page…That particular paper of record, The Gray Lady, pushed that particular narrative that there were surveillances to Trump Tower citing two particular FISA requests for surveillance.

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Roland Martin responded, “Hogan, you and I love Marvin Gaye together, but you know doggone well that’s crazy. The White House should be ‘drug tested,’ let me put that in air quotes. This is dumb. The President lied. Sean Spicer does not want to defend it. They could not present any evidence yesterday. We didn’t make anything up. He lied. Accept the lie and move on, but he does not want to ever accept responsibility. That’s Trump’s problem.”

It does make one wonder if this White House is collectively high. An administration has been built around the whims of a man who appears to be out of touch with reality. The options are either that this administration is high, or living in a completely false reality.

Martin was right. The President lied. No one his administration wants to defend it and his party won’t own it. The Obama wiretaps never happened, so either Trump is high, or he is living a lie.

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