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Top House Democrat Follows The Money And Busts The Republican Health Care Bill Lies

Rep. Elijah Cummings followed the money and explained why Republicans are being dishonest and not telling the truth about their health care bill during an interview on CNN.


Rep. Cummings (D-MD) said, “When I look at the proposal that has been presented by the Republicans, I see all this hocus pocus language where they talk about well, you’re not going to be worried about costs, but then they don’t seem they’re that much worried about coverage, and, so what I’m saying to them is that American people need coverage, and they need access to health care, but I’m begging them not to play games with this, because again, it’s very personal, so what we have to do Wolf, is follow the money. We’ve got a situation here where they’re giving a major tax cut to folks, $600-$700 million to the wealthier folks in our country, but at the same time, slashing something like Medicaid, which helps our most vulnerable persons, so again, if we’re honest about it, somebody’s gonna pay, so we might as well come up with a, they should come up with a proposal to fix the Affordable Care Act if they want to do that, but I hope that President Trump will not run around talking about a proposal that really does take away from people’s opportunity to stay well and be well.”

Rep. Cummings has it right. The American Health Care Act isn’t about helping to get covered with affordable health care. The point of this legislation is a massive redistribution of wealth from the people at the bottom of American society to those at the top. If one wants to understand the purpose of the Republican bill, look at where the money goes. Money and coverage are taken away from the people who have the least to give a tax cut to those who have the most.

What Republicans have proposed isn’t health care policy. It’s a redistribution of wealth.

Republicans never talk about how many people this legislation will cover because coverage isn’t the point. As Cummings said, if the American people want to know the truth about this bill, they only have to follow the money to get their answers.

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