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Huge Crowds In Deep Red Tennessee Turn Out To Protest Trump Campaign Visit

Donald Trump escaped to deep red Tennessee on Wednesday to drum up support after his first two months in office, which have been nothing but a barrage of scandal, controversy, and incompetence.

But when he arrived in the state, he was met with huge crowds of protesters voicing their opposition to his visit to Nashville and, more broadly, his dangerous agenda.


The large crowd carried a wide range of signs, some in support of Planned Parenthood and others criticizing the administration for its clear ties to Russia and Vladimir Putin. They also participated in chants voicing their opposition to the president’s proposed border wall.


“No wall, no fence, no Trump, no Pence,” the enthusiastic crowd shouted.

Certainly, the president will see a sizable number of supporters turn out for his campaign event in a conservative state like Tennessee, which he won last fall by more than 26 percentage points. But large demonstrations in the blood red state should worry the White House.

With this level of opposition, it’s no surprise that Donald Trump is hitting the campaign trail just two months after taking office.

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