Nazi Richard Spencer Tweets Nazi Song From ‘Cabaret’ – Only it Was Written by a Jew


Fanatical Trump supporter and Nazi Richard Spencer, who is all about “Seig Heils” and partying like it’s 1933, hilariously misstepped this weekend when he got into a Twitter exchange with TPMS’s John Marshall and Jason Kander.

Marshall was in the midst of a heated exchange with Spencer on Twitter when he tweeted this at the Nazi:


Which prompted Spencer to tweet “Tomorrow Belongs to Me” from the movie Cabaret, in which a quiet day at an outdoor cafe is interrupted by Nazi ugliness when the thugs stand up and start singing spontaneously about their triumphant future and the fate awaiting all their critics.

A song tailor made, one would think, for the likes of Richard Spencer, who tweeted back at Marshall,

Only to be told by Jason Kander,

Jason Kander appeared this morning on CNN’s New Day to talk about the exchange.

Asked about the popularity of his tweet by co-host Alisyn Camerota, Kander explained,

“Well, I didn’t really know what to expect. I just saw it and thought it’s not every day you get to tell off a neo-Nazi so it seemed like a fun thing to do over the weekend.”

Josh Marshall got the last word in, tweeting,

Asked about the rise in white nationalism and hate crimes, Kander said he would like to see Donald Trump “speak out more” and that the president “is in addition to being the leader of the government…is the cultural and moral leader of the country by position” and we’d like to see Trump “speak out against hatred of all types…in a way…that it is really evident that it bothers the president.”

Well, as they say, you can wish in one hand and **** in the other and see which one fills up first. As Kander said, “Americans need to hear the president is bothered by it.” But Trump is not bothered by it. He has made that clear with his own attacks on Jewish journalists and his response to questions about the rise of anti-Semitism since the election.

Spencer represents one of the few demographics still in Donald Trump’s corner, and Trump is catering to them and their white nationalist xenophobia with his executive orders. He is not about to call them to order and lose that support.