Lindsey Graham Destroyed At Town Hall For Saying He Supports Trump’s SCOTUS Pick

GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham was obliterated on Saturday at a town hall event in deep red South Carolina when he told the crowd that he would vote in favor of Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick, Neil Gorsuch.

Graham said he will “enthusiastically support” Gorsuch and threatened Democrats if they decide to filibuster him.


Graham said, “Judge Gorsuch was one of the finest people, I think, President Trump could’ve chosen. I am going to enthusiastically support him, and if the Democrats try to filibuster him, they will be making a huge mistake.”

When Graham went on to spew a bunch of talking points about how “qualified” Gorsuch is, the crowd was not impressed and continued to shower him with boos.

The South Carolina Republican quickly changed his strategy and started insulting the people in the audience.

“To everybody that boos Judge Gorsuch, you’re not persuading me at all,” he said, essentially admitting that he isn’t interested in listening to his constituents’ opinions. “As a matter of fact, if you can’t understand that this is a qualified nominee, then you’re not listening. If you don’t understand that elections matter, then you don’t understand America.”

Clearly, Graham hasn’t taken any classes on how to deal with people that disagree with him.

Ultimately, Republican members of Congress are in over their heads if they think the people will let them get away with ramming through Trump’s agenda, which is unpopular across the board.

The GOP failed on enacting the unconstitutional Muslim ban. They failed to pass a repeal of the Affordable Care Act. And now the people will stand up to Trump as he tries to fill a Supreme Court seat that was stolen by Republicans.

If Graham doesn’t see that the American people are not on board with this president’s agenda, then it’s he who isn’t listening.