Running Scared: Trump Has Total Twitter Meltdown Over Russia Investigation

Donald Trump is clearly running scared when it comes to the ongoing investigation into his ties to Russia as he had a total Twitter meltdown on Monday night lashing out about the probe and waging baseless attacks on Hillary Clinton – because the election was more than four months ago?

In true Trump fashion, he blasted off a series of tweets full of the conspiracy theories that fuel his distorted view of the world.


Like a baby that needs a bottle or a third-grader that had his ball taken during recess, Trump is lashing out because he’s terrified that the smoke surrounding these investigations will lead to a raging inferno.

Or maybe he just needs a nap – who knows?

In any case, Trumps unhinged Twitter rant suggests not only that the leader of the free world is a full-fledged, tinfoil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorist, but also that he is worried these investigations will turn something damning up.

Over the past couple months, a handful of Trump associates who previously denied making contact with the Russians were discovered to have, in fact, spoke to the Russians. FBI Director James Comey said, in a stunning development, that the Trump campaign is under investigations for potentially working with Moscow to defeat Hillary Clinton in last year’s presidential election. A bombshell report last week even claimed that the Trump campaign did, in fact, work directly with Russia to topple Clinton.

Trump’s Monday night tweets weren’t the words of somebody who is confident in his innocence. They’re the rantings of a man who is terrified of being caught.