A New FBI Bombshell Could Be The Beginning Of The End For Trump

CNN is reporting that the FBI has intelligence that shows Russia tried to use Trump’s advisers to infiltrate his campaign if they were successful the presidency has been compromised, and Trump must be removed from office.

CNN is reporting:
The FBI gathered intelligence last summer that suggests Russian operatives tried to use Trump advisers, including Carter Page, to infiltrate the Trump campaign, according to US officials.

The new information adds to the emerging picture of how the Russians tried to influence the 2016 election, not only through email hacks and propaganda but also by trying to infiltrate the Trump orbit. The intelligence led to an investigation into the coordination of Trump’s campaign associates and the Russians.

The FBI doesn’t know if the Trump advisers were aware that they were being used, but the larger issue becomes was the Trump campaign compromised? Is the Trump White House compromised?

If the answer to either of the above questions is proven to be yes, then Donald Trump and his entire administration must be removed from office in the name of national security.

The United States of America can’t have a literal Manchurian president.

The questions will be answered in due time, but the situation could be worse than an illegitimate president. It is now possible that Donald Trump is a ticking time bomb that was put in place by Putin to destroy democracy from within.