Refusal To Turn Over Flynn Documents Is The Criminal Cover-Up That Could Bring Trump Down

When the White House refused to turn over documents that were requested by the House Oversight Committee’s investigation, they were engaging in a criminal cover-up that could be the beginning of the end of this administration.

The White House letter in response to the committee’s request for Flynn related documents was a textbook example of a cover-up:

As you can see, the letter is a greatest hits collection of presidential cover-ups. The excuses range from we don’t have those documents to those documents are classified, and you can’t have them to we don’t think those documents are relevant to your investigation.

If the Oversight Committee really wants these documents, they can always sue the president for their release, but the Russia scandal has shifted today. It is no longer about what Trump and his campaign circle might have done. It is about information that Trump is hiding about what they did do.

The White House has maintained that they knew nothing about Flynn’s illegal activities, but if this is the case, why won’t they turn over documents? If Gen. Flynn was acting alone with no direction from the White House, the president should want to turn over the information ASAP.

By refusing to provide the House committee with what it needs, this president is obstruction a criminal investigation into his White House.

The adage is true. It the cover-up not the crime that gets you in the end.

Trump has moved firmly into cover-up territory, which means that this administration is well on the way to sowing the seeds of its own demise.