Rachel Maddow Delivers An Epic Takedown Of Trump’s ‘Ridiculous’ Tax Reform Plan

Donald Trump is so desperate to point to some evidence that his first 100 days weren’t a total failure that he released a phony tax proposal on Wednesday – a one-page document he called a plan.

He was hoping his flimsy, one-page piece of paper would be enough to convince the American people that his first three months in office haven’t been a total flop, but Rachel Maddow wasn’t having it.

Instead, she exposed to plan for what it is – a complete sham.


Of the tax “plan” rolled out today, Maddow said:

Today’s big reveal from the administration was what everybody was calling their tax plan. It’s, um, one page. And here’s a hint: The U.S. tax code is thousands of pages long. If this is your tax code, if your plan for comprehensively overhauling that tax code is one page, double-spaced, with deep indents and almost no numbers, that’s a lot of things, but that’s not a tax plan. That’s not a plan for overhauling thousands of pages of the U.S. tax code. As a hint about their seriousness on this tax issue, it should be noted that they are … unveiling that today before they have even bothered to nominate anyone to be in charge of tax policy for this administration. … They haven’t even picked somebody yet for the job of running tax policy in the treasury department, but still, they rolled out this one-page document today as if they’ve showed a tax plan before the hundred days – which is ridiculous. 

Trump and Republicans may have spent the day fawning over the one-page blueprint for how to make the rich even richer, but that doesn’t make it a serious proposal. In fact, calling this a plan at all is an insult to the English definition of the word, which is: “A detailed proposal for doing or achieving something.”

Detailed proposal? Not a chance. Achieving something? Nope.

The intent of the document released by the White House today, as Maddow said, wasn’t to present a proposal to reform the tax code in a way that would benefit America’s middle class. Instead, it was a plan to salvage Trump’s first 100 days in office.

He failed on his Muslim ban. He failed on his border wall. He failed on repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act.

Today’s spectacle was just a last-ditch attempt by the president to have something, anything to point to and say, “Look, I’m doing something.”

But just like every other effort during his young presidency, it was a massive failure.