Rachel Maddow Can’t Stop Laughing At The Trump Administration’s Epic Conference Call Meltdown


It’s been a rough three months for the Trump administration – and today was certainly no exception.

In an effort to curb Democratic momentum after Republicans caved on nearly every campaign promise in a budget deal to keep the government open, Trump Budget Director Mick Mulvaney held a conference call.

According to CBS News, the goal of the call for Trump’s budget office to take a “victory lap” for a budget deal that accomplished none of his goals.


But as Rachel Maddow showed on her show on Tuesday night, the call quickly turned into a hilarious catastrophe.


The call was hastily arranged by the administration – no surprise there –  and it certainly showed.

As Mulvaney took questions, all kinds of noises could be heard, gracing listeners with loud music, beeping, and at one point during the chaotic call, screaming.

Shortly before the disaster was finally brought to an abrupt end, someone could be heard shouting, “This is unbelievable!”

In an effort to play damage control, once again the White House just did more damage.

Not only was this another hilarious and epic failure for the Trump administration, but it begs the question: What can these people possibly do right?

It’s one thing to be so bad at accomplishing the big things – enacting a Muslim ban, securing funding for a border wall, and repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, among other things – but it’s becoming apparent that this White House is a complete clown show that can’t even do the little things.