Republicans Are Considering A Special Prosecutor To Investigate Trump After Comey Firing

Trump’s move to fire James Comey could already be backfiring after some Senate Republicans are so troubled by Trump’s actions that they are now considering a special prosecutor to investigate the President Of The United States.

Pema Levy of Mother Jones tweeted:

We know that at least one of the Republicans open to a special prosecutor is Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska:

Sen. Shelley Capito (R-WV) also wouldn’t rule out a special prosecutor:

Open to considering is not the same as appointing a special prosecutor, but the fact that Republicans have gone from a unified no on a special prosecutor or independent commission to we’ll think about it is a big move. The early returns on Trump’s firing of Comey are that this is a move that has made the Russia scandal a much bigger problem for the White House.

Senate Republicans are thinking about appointing a special prosecutor to investigate their own president.

The fact that they would even consider it shows how bad the Russia scandal is for Trump and the Republican Party.

The ground is shifting under Trump, and it is moving into the realm of a criminal investigation, and criminal investigations are what get presidents impeached.