Trump Is Rattled And Depressed As The Russia Scandal Closes In On Him

White House insiders describe Trump as rattled and down as the Russia investigation escalates and gets inside the West Wing.

Politico reported:

President Donald Trump seemed rattled before he left Washington on Friday afternoon, two people who spoke with him last week said, as he wondered aloud how much investigations into Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election might damage his presidency.

One adviser said Trump remarked in a conversation last week that he felt that “there are a lot of people out to get him,” musing that he should not have attacked the intelligence community so vociferously. An administration official who spoke to the president said he “seemed down more than angry,” even though Trump defiantly tweeted that he was facing a “witch hunt.”

The Politico report goes on to say that Trump’s mood seemed to improve after the Saudis fed him some ketchup and steak while lavishing him with compliments. If these reports sound more recaps of a cranky toddler’s mood swings than of presidential behavior to you, you’re not alone.

Trump should be depressed. He has been a total failure as president. The refusal to see that it is his own behavior, not people who are out to get him as the source of his problems suggests that the President has learned nothing. It also means that we can expect more of the same behavior out of this president.

Donald Trump is trapped by scandal and failing, and he can’t handle his new reality.