The Look On Pope Francis’s Face Makes It Clear How He Really Feels About Trump

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the look on Pope Francis’s face as he stands beside Donald Trump tells the world all they need to know about what he thinks of the U.S. President.

Here is a smiling Trump and a definitely not smiling Pope:

One can imagine that the Pope is trying to explain to Trump that taking away food and healthcare from those in need is not the Christian thing to do:

Religion News Service reported that the Pope gave Trump homework, “Donald Trump is known as a climate change skeptic with a short attention span for reading, especially if the text isn’t about him. But Pope Francis is a man of faith who lives in hope, and during the first, highly anticipated meeting between these two world leaders with sharply contrasting visions the pontiff gave the president three documents, including his landmark encyclical underscoring the perils of global warming.”

The Vatican described the meeting as “cordial,” and hoped that there may be a serene collaboration between the Catholic Church and the United States.

Trump described the meeting like he describes every meeting with everyone. Trump said the meeting with Pope went, “great and fantastic.” He also called the Pope “something,” according to the White House Press Pool report provided to PoliticusUSA.

While the Vatican with diplomatic, the Pope had the same, “I can’t believe this guy is president” look that other world leaders couldn’t hide when they met Trump.

Everyone is saying the right things, but the expression on the Pope’s face suggests a meeting that was far from great.