House Republican Says Violence Is Appropriate When Reporter Deserves It As GOP Comes Unhinged

The Republican Party is showing its true face after Montana House special election candidate Greg Gianforte assaulted a reporter. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) said it is not appropriate for reporters to attack public officials unless the reporter deserved it.

The Hill reported:

Hunter was asked by reporters in the Capitol what he thought of Greg Gianforte, the GOP candidate for Montana’s House seat, allegedly body-slamming a reporter asking a question about the party’s healthcare bill the night before.

“It’s not appropriate behavior,” Hunter said, before adding, “Unless the reporter deserved it.”

It doesn’t matter what the profession is; people don’t deserve to be physically assaulted when doing their jobs. This is a basic principle that every civilized society should agree on. A member of Congress who casts a vote that someone dislikes does not deserve to be punched in the face as soon as they return to their district.

The same standard that Hunter applied to the assault of Ben Jacobs should be applied to members of Congress. Duncan Hunter voted for Trumpcare, but this does not mean that he deserves to be bodyslammed, punched, or otherwise physically assaulted for doing his job.

Donald Trump has transformed the Republican Party into a violent mob that believes that as long as their feel justified, they can do anything that they want to anyone. Greg Gianfonte’s assault of the member of the media was a symptom of the larger disease reshaping the Republican Party to reflect the behavior of Trump.

Republicans are coming unglued and rejecting the rules that govern basic human behavior.