White House All But Admits Trump Was Too Tired To Do Press Conference During Foreign Trip

Trump administration officials all but admitted that the President was too tired to hold a press conference, by offering up a series of lame excuses for why he has taken no questions from the press during his first foreign trip.

ABC’s Jon Karl reported on the White House’s latest excuse for Trump not holding a press conference:

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell pointed out that the event the administration held on Saturday morning was not a news conference:

Journalists and political pros quickly saw through the White House’s excuse:

The White House isn’t fooling anyone. They are trying to keep Trump away from any unscripted setting where he will be asked or talk about Russia. The administration admitted that by day two of the trip, Trump was exhausted. The President was too tired to hold a press conference, and the White House doesn’t trust a tired or rested Trump to talk about Russia.

A man who ran for president based on his stamina and energy doesn’t have enough energy to make it through a foreign trip and talk to the press. Trump doesn’t belong in the White House. He belongs in a gated retirement community.