Leaked Draft Shows Trump Planning To Take Birth Control Coverage Away From Women

A leaked draft of regulation that the Trump administration is considering would allow any employer to refuse to cover birth control for women.

The draft of the regulation obtained by Vox would allow any employer or organization to obtain a religious or moral waiver that would permit them to not cover birth control:

The draft of the regulation is so broadly written that is clearly designed to be an attack on birth control coverage. Women who get their birth control covered under their current employer coverage would be forced to pay out of their own pockets for birth control.

The regulation doesn’t just apply to people who get their insurance through the marketplace. Trump’s regulation would give any employer the ability to apply for a waiver and not cover birth control.

This new regulation is an attack on a woman’s right to choose what she does with her own body. Unless the Trump administration also takes steps to grant waivers to organizations for erectile dysfunction drugs, vasectomies, and other male sexual adies, this regulation is clearly aimed at women.

For those who thought that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were the same, or thought that their not voting would have no consequences in 2016, this regulation is the difference between Clinton and Trump. The fact that millions of women may lose their birth control coverage is a real world example of why it matters that Donald Trump is now the president.