‘I Can’t Recall’: Carter Page Has Amnesia Over Ties To Russia, Says He’s The Real Victim

Former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, for whatever reason, keeps going on television to open his mouth – and the results are never positive.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Page developed a pretty bad case of amnesia when he was asked about his secret meeting with the Russian ambassador.


Matthews grilled Page, asking him why he’s “hiding” if his ties to Russia were so innocent, pushing even harder, “Who don’t you just say what you were doing? Why are you hiding these meetings?”

Page first played the victim, and then he pretended he had no idea what the meeting was about.

“Chris, it’s been an ongoing assault. … I was doing nothing, I was doing nothing. … The meeting was about nothing,” he said before sympathizing with Russia’s stance on NATO.

That’s when the real amnesia kicked in.


Matthews asked, “Who were the organizers” of his secret meetings with the Russians and who invited him?

Carter responded: “I forget. … I don’t recall. … I can’t even recall.”

Matthews shot back: “This is what’s squirrelly about your argument here. ‘It was no big deal, it was just hello, how are you? But it was off the record and we agreed to make it off the record.’ What’s off the record?”

In typical Carter Page fashion, he refused to answer the question.o things are abundantly clear from Page’s bumbling interview: First, that there is most certainly something Page and his former boss – Trump – are hiding; Second, Page should stop giving interviews – it only hurts his cause and raises more red flags.

At the end of the day, two things are abundantly clear from Page’s bumbling interview.

First, there is most certainly something Page and his former boss – Trump – are hiding with respect to their ties and contacts with Russa. People don’t squirm like Page does if they have nothing to hide.

Second, Page should stop giving television interviews. They only hurt his cause and raise more red flags about this large-scale effort by Trump’s team to cover up their ties to Russia.