Trump’s Russia Cover-Up Is Collapsing As Jeff Sessions Suggested He Could Resign

Just hours after White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer refused to say if Trump has confidence in his Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a new report was dropped that indicates Sessions suggested he could resign.

“As the White House braces for former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony Thursday, sources tell ABC News the relationship between President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions has become so tense that Sessions at one point recently even suggested he could resign,” Jonathan Karl at ABC News reported.

Trump has made his displeasure with Sessions public, blaming his own DOJ for the watering down of his travel ban (“Muslim ban”) — which Trump himself signed. This is called being thrown under the bus.

The rift began in March when Sessions recused himself from overseeing the FBI investigation intro President Trump’s possible collusion with Russia as it attacked the U.S. during the 2016 election and after.

Karl writes that Trump learned about Sessions’ decision “minutes before Sessions announced it publicly,” and “Multiple sources say the recusal is one of the top disappointments of his presidency so far and one the president has remained fixated on.”

“Trump’s anger over the recusal has not diminished with time. Two sources close to the president say he has lashed out repeatedly at the attorney general in private meetings, blaming the recusal for the expansion of the Russia investigation, now overseen by Special Counsel and former FBI Director Robert Mueller.”

The New York Times reported Monday, “Mr. Trump has grown sour on Mr. Sessions, now his attorney general, blaming him for various troubles that have plagued the White House…. In Mr. Trump’s view, they said, it was that recusal that eventually led to the appointment of a special counsel who took over the investigation.”

ABC News reported that when asked if “the attorney general had threatened or offered to resign, Justice Department spokesperson Sarah Isgur Flores declined to comment.”

Trump is blaming Sessions for the special counsel, but he should be blaming himself. We haven’t heard Donald Trump take responsibility for anything yet, and it probably won’t happen anytime soon.

Jeff Sessions might have too much integrity to survive in the Trump White House.

… And that says everything about Donald Trump, because in 1986, Republicans didn’t think Jeff Sessions was good enough to be a federal judge due to a history of racism — and now he’s too good for their President.

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