Sen. Orrin Hatch Plays Dumb and Claims He Hasn’t Seen The Secret GOP Trumpcare Bill

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) doesn’t know what’s in the Senate health care bill he’s going to vote for either, so he’s just as much a victim of Republican hubris as you, except he will get to keep his Obamacare and of course he has access to the bill. But still. In a world where it’s your fault that Republicans hate you, you can understand how Hatch is the victim.

The national political reporter for Bloomberg News Sahil Kapur shared the following exchange:

Reporter asks what’s in Senate health bill, saying the public doesn’t know.

“Well join the crowd. I’m in the same category,” says Orrin Hatch.

Since Hatch doesn’t seem to know, I can tell you that the Senate version is set to additionally harm 27 million people who get their insurance through their work. We don’t know all of the evil because Senate Republicans are keeping their bill secret until it’s passed, as they did in the House.

This is how Republicans are doing democracy.

Orrin Hatch thinks he’s in the same boat as you, except Orrin Hatch has Obamacare and no one is trying to take it away and Orrin Hatch is in the Senate and is a Republican and can actually get his hands on this super secret death star bill.

If Republicans don’t care about human life, and judging by their indifference to thousands being sent to death via the House Trumpcare version they don’t care unless you make them care by threatening their jobs, one would think they care about the economy. After all, they pretend to be Economic Masters.

But healthcare is one-sixth of the American economy; Obamacare created jobs and buttressed the healthcare sector in numerous ways. Now Republicans are set to kick out those foundation pilings without replacing them. They’ll just let the healthcare sector sink. Because this isn’t about ideology or good sense; this is about scoring a political win and stealing Obama’s legacy away from him. Who cares what it costs or who it hurts.

If Sen. Hatch really hasn’t seen the bill, then he shouldn’t be voting on it.

Orrin Hatch is not a victim of Republican secrecy. He’s one of the Republicans keeping the bill secret from you.