Trump Can’t Touch Obama As Former President’s Popularity Surges To New Highs

A new Gallup poll found that former President Obama is maintaining his popularity surge thanks to Donald Trump.

Chart of Obama’s popularity surge via Gallup:

Gallup reported, “Obama’s current 63% favorable rating is similar to what Gallup measured during the lame-duck period of his presidency, from mid-November 2016 through January 2017. Those ratings represented an improvement from what Gallup found for most of his two terms, including a 54% favorable rating last August, the last measurement before Americans chose his successor in the 2016 election.”

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Meanwhile, Trump is sitting at 40% approval in the latest Gallup poll with no hope of a popular bump in sight. Given that Trump is under federal criminal investigation while his predecessor’s popularly continues to explode it isn’t surprising that Trump is trying to convince himself that he is more popular than Obama.

No matter what Trump tweets, he will never be as popular as Obama. Former President Obama’s popularity continues to climb for a reason. After five months of Trump’s incompetence, potential crimes, and never-ending drama, the American people have gained a new appreciation for the former president who was competent, forward-looking, intelligent, and scandal free.

After getting a dose of Trump, many Americans seem to be yearning for the days of “No Drama” Obama. Trump doesn’t measure up to Barack Obama.

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