Democratic Congressman Destroys The Lie That Democrats Are Obstructing Trump


CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA) if Trump was right and Democrats would be better off working with him. The Democratic Congressman responded telling America that it is Trump and the Republican Party who are refusing to work with Democrats.



Rep. Moulton said, “We’ve been trying to. We’ve been trying to, and he won’t meet with us. Republicans are doing this healthcare bill completely behind closed doors. They’re not even bringing in everybody from their own party to discuss it. What a contrast with how Obamacare was debated through committees for over a year before it was passed through the House, so that might sound like a nice idea, but the Republicans are the ones who are not letting that happen.”

Why would anyone in the media use a Trump tweet for the premise of a question? Donald Trump is a compulsive liar, and the point that Tapper cited as coming from Trump was something that could be easily checked and found to be not true.

It is true that Trump won’t meet with Democrats, and that the Republican majorities in the House and Senate refuse Democrats in on the writing of the health care bill. Republicans are going to extreme lengths to freeze Democrats out of everything. It is not the responsibility of Democrats to come to Trump to work with him. If the President wants to work with Democrats, he is the leader of the Executive Branch. It is his responsibility to reach out.

The only thing obstructing Republicans is the ineptitude of their own president.