Hillary Clinton Drops Some Stone Cold Truth And Annihilates Republicans On Trumpcare

Hillary Clinton is free of political life and speaking her mind. Clinton spoke the blunt truth and said Republicans would be known as the death party if Trumpcare becomes law.

Clinton tweeted:

Hillary Clinton is free to say whatever she wants, and what she said about the Senate health care bill is a complete truth. The Republican bill will kill tens of thousands of Americans a year by depriving them of the health care that they need to have to survive.

Republicans went beyond death panels and straight into killing people by denying them access to healthcare. The Republican plan has always been to lower the cost of health insurance by giving sick people less or no coverage. It is easy to have a cheap health care system when health insurance is only affordable for those who need it the least. Democrats are making a lot of good arguments against this legislation, but the bottom line is that this bill will literally kill tens of thousands of Americans each year.

The American people never asked for Trumpcare, don’t need Trumpcare, and will be better off without it.

Clinton was right. The former “party of life” is well on its way to becoming the party of death if the Republican un-healthcare bill becomes law.